Chef Alex

The cuisine

The best seafood, fantastic raw fish and fusion dishes, elated by a magic aesthetic touch and unprecedented matches which conquer your eyes and surprise your palate


Refinement and innovation, aesthetic and rich taste in every dish. To make guests enjoy a memorable food experience


A tireless taste explorer, constantly searching and experimenting combinations of scents and flavors. A first mover combining Japanese cuisine techniques and Mediterranean ingredients

Alex Seveso

is an out of this world chef. An innovator of culinary art, a good taste enthusiast, a dreamer, non-conforming, eclectic aesthete. Histrionic, and a bit dandy, he is passionate in life as much as he is in the kitchen


A real citizen of the world, he was born in Ispra (Varese province), a picture-perfect resort on the shore of Lake Maggiore; he started shaping and learning his future job from his very youth at his family’s restaurant. He was very young when he moved to Los Angeles; it was during his Californian days that he discovered sushi and Japanese cuisine (not much known in Italy at the time). A cuisine that intrigued him but did not fully satisfy his palate.

A stimulus which brought him to experiment, to be willing to learn Japanese masters’ raw fish cutting techniques and add scents and flavors from the Mediterrean. This led to the development of his personal, forerunning version of fusion cuisine, made of dishes which surprise the eyes and the palate. Upon his return to Italy he added these concepts to Ispra’s Caffé Vespucci menu and extended them to Tweed, his first restaurant in Milan. He later added it to his newer restaurant, Sempione district-based Kitchen Society.

Today, his journey into fusion cuisine continues at Vespucci di Milano, Ispra and Arona where he can also enjoy another big passion of his. When he’s not wearing his chef uniform he enjoys playing golf around the world. He has entered several prestigious contests such as Ristogolf and Chef in Green.